About Me

Blog owner
Peter Bormann (Valonqua)

My other sites on the Interwebs 
Valonqua on Google+
Valonqua on Medium
Valonqua on Twitter

Academic background
– Computer science, esp. business process management, software engineering  / programming (Android, Java), and relational databases
– Media & social sciences, esp. poststructuralism (Jacques Derrida, etc.), sociological systems theory (Niklas Luhmann et al.), form theory (Dirk Baecker / George Spencer Brown), contexture analysis (Werner Vogd / Gotthard Günther), and various media theories

Professional interests with regard to startups
– Business agility / agile approaches (Scrum, etc.)
– Managing and (bottom-up) modeling of business processes, esp. with BPMN
– Data analytics / science (for startups)
– Innovation frameworks such as Customer Development (Steve Blank), Lean Startup, etc.
– Social complexity science (see the sociological theories mentioned above), esp. regarding organizations
– Leadership approaches such as Holacracy and Sociocracy
– Artificial intelligence, esp. machine learning and natural language processing (NLP)

Why “Valonqua”?
This happens when francophilie meets “A Song of Ice and Fire” 🙂

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