About Me

Blog owner
– Peter Bormann (Valonqua)
– See also my Google+ profile (for contact information, etc.):  https://plus.google.com/+PeterBormannValonqua

Academic background
– Computer Science
– Media & Social Sciences, esp.

  • poststructuralist approaches (Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, etc.)
  • sociological systems theory (Niklas Luhmann, Dirk Baecker, Peter Fuchs, etc.)
  • sociological form theory (Dirk Baecker / George Spencer Brown)
  • contexture analysis (Werner Vogd / Gotthard Günther)

Professional interests
– Agile (Project) Management / Organizational Agility (Change Management) / Agile Coaching
– Business Process Management (BPMN, etc.)
– Java-related technologies (Java SE / EE)

Why “Valonqua”?
Well, francophilie meets “A Song of Ice and Fire” 🙂


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